This is the transcript for VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One.

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One Theme Song

CrazyTrainJake22 Productions presents

with the help of Whatarecorder Buddy Himself

YouTube Poop - VeggieTales ANOTHER 12 Stories in One!

created for QUINN727 Studios and TheComputerNerd20100

  • Bob: Okay, Larry, it's time for the theme song.
  • Larry: *Breaths* No!
  • Bob: What? What do you mean?
  • Larry: No problma.
  • Bob: Oh, really?
  • Larry: Correct, sir.
  • Bob: That's wonderful, Larry!
  • Larry: I'll go started.
  • Bob: Alright!

VeggieTales ANOTHER 12 Stories in One! Theme Song (Version #1) 

  • Bob (singing): If you like to talk to tomatoes, If a squash can make you smile, If you like to waltz with potatoes, Up and down the produce aisle... Have we got a show for you!
  • Choirs (singing): It's time to get things started on the most sensational inspirational celebrational Suppetational. This is what we call The Muppet Show!
  • (Kids Laughing)

VeggieTales ANOTHER 12 Stories In One! Theme Song (Version #2)

  • Bob (singing): If you like to talk to tomatoes, If a squash can make you smile, If you like to waltz with potatoes, Up and down the produce aisle... Have we got a show for you!
  • Choirs (singing): We are the Religetables, We always go to church! Through The Spirits we will tell! We are the Religetables! We Never Touch ourselves cause we don't Wanna go to Hellll!!!!
  • (Kids Laughing)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: King George and the Yucky!

CRAZYTRAINJAKE22 Proudly Presents...

With obviously to SEGA And BIG IDEA

King George and the Yucky!

  • (Not just the editing pictures were edited in paint, this title was edited on gimp.)
  • (As the story begins, King George is just looking through his microscope, But, King George accidentally left the ducky on the edge of the castle fence and the ducky fell of as King George tried to catch the ducky, however, it landed on the Asparagus Boy with a Purple Nose, as the ducky landed on his head he felt so woozy for a second, Then he noticed the ducky on the sidewalk, So he hops over and grabs it, he didn't understand where it came from none other then from King George`s castle as he looked up, so then, he hops all the ways the door in King George`s Castle and Louis calls out King George about the boy at his door)
  • (Yeah, most of the shots wasn't fully shaded, like that duck model of course, I didn't want blender, sorry about how the model looked.)
  • Louis: King George? There`s someone (King George turns back at Louis as he's talking) here to see you! (Louis saw the kid with his ducky and hops up to him and thanks him for giving back the ducky to him)
  • King George: Oh, thank you. (Louis now decides to take his bath) Louis, draw a bath!
  • Louis: (He kindly agrees to him) Oh, okay. (Louis hops to the bathroom)
  • (Hill Top Zone music cuts in)
  • (I chose the Sonic 2 soundtrack to be in most of my parts.)


  • (Cuts In At King George`s Bathroom As King George Is In His Bathtub Singing)
  • (I Got That "Mr. Lunt Tripping All Over Himself" From "12 Stories in One".)
  • King George (singing): Some Kings-*Hiccup*-Horses, and Some Kings-*Hiccup*-Cattle, Some Kings Love-*BEEP*-Their... (Cake splats King George in the face, Then the kids start laughing at him from the Cake On His face)
  • (Cuts on stand by, Then cuts back to Cedric)
  • King George: Oh, Cedric! My favorite General. How goes the war?
  • Cedric: As Louis has told you, we need more men at the front.
  • King George: (King George thinks about putting Thomas in the battle) More
  • Cedric: Yes, we need more men.
  • King George: Ya know, I believe Thomas..would like to help, (Now pans on Cedric`s face as he`s talking) And one more thing Cedric, Put Thomas at the front of the battle Then have everyone else..step back!
  • Cedric: (Cedric feels worried) But, he`ll be...creamed! (Dramatic music starts)
  • King George: You're king has spoken.
  • Cedric: (Cedric felt like that this is all a bad idea but agrees to King George) As you're wish..sire. (Cedric hops away as the door closes)
  • King George: (King George turns away) me at duck at the east gate...we got a little job to do.
  • (Transition cuts to black then cuts to the Silly Song card)

Silly Songs with THECOMPUTERNERD20100

  • Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with The- (Bob interrupts him)
  • Bob: Not now! (Bob hops away off the camera then transition cuts back to black)
  • (Bob the Tomato decided to just save that for Part 4 which is a very later YTP Part.)
  • (As transition cuts back to King George`s bedroom, as the music plays)
  • (King George's bed opens up where secret door passage is)
  • (Originally, I was gonna put a sneak peek here, but I didn't have any ideas for that, so, I replaced that With The "Not Now." Part.)
  • King George: We Did It! Let`s have a Look at It. (As King George and Louis hops To The Pedistool, the music plays, again.)
  • (Cuts to the ducky on the pedistool)
  • (Dramatic music isn't it?)
  • King George: It`s time for a bath! (As Louis was about to say something a knock on the door was heard) who could that be? (King George turns to the door) Come in!
  • King Darius: (King Darius pops in the room) I am King Darius! (Bob interrupts)
  • Bob: Get out, Archibald!
  • Archibald: Sorry. (Archibald gets out of the scene as the door shut behind him)
  • (Cuts at stand by)
  • (Door opens showing Thomas and Ceric, Cedric seems happy)
  • Cedric: I-it was Astounding! There he was alone at the front line, B-but he never gave up, he stood his ground, this little fellow`s a war hero sir.
  • King George: (King George seems stunned and confused) Yes...Thomas!...I uh- (Thomas interrupts)
  • Thomas (a.k.a Junior): Incoming!!! Poision Berry at 3:00!!!
  • King George: (King George seems confused by what Thomas said) I'm sorry?...
  • Cedric: I`m afraid he`s lost his mind sire, The trauma of war.
  • Louis: Oh, no. How long will he be like this?
  • Cedric: Perhaps, the rest of his life. I'll take to his room now. (Cedric hops off with Thomas to this house)
  • King George: Thank you, Cedric. (King George is too attached to His bath time) Now, finally I can take that bath! Come on! Help me out with that bath!
  • Louis: No! (As Louis hops away to the front of the castle with his weapons and matches, King George is already starting his bath but he noticed Louis with the bombs and matches getting ready to blow the castle up, Then King George is fright tend as he meets his death ticket)
  • King George: No wait!
  • (Also, the crash scene is actually a reference to "Josh and the Fall Of The Israelites!" from "VeggieTales 12 Stories in One")
  • (As the castle falls to Pieces and fire drill is beeping, King George screams in Agony of Death while the fire drill is beeping repeatedly and the Castle falls apart to bits)
  • King George: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • (The Three Asparagus Brothers back away scarcely as they watch the castle fall apart and done the fire drill, the castle starts to explode again and falls down (Reference to Josh and the Fall Of The Israelites! Spoilers) After the castle has smashed and the King died, Louis hops away from that crushed castle at the end.)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: ESTHeR: The Girl Who Became A Princess!

CRAZYTRAINJAKE22 Proudly Presents...

ESTHeR: The Girl Who Became A Princess!

  • (Scene Begins In Persia, at the Queen Selection Competition, King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer) and his right-hand man, Haman (Mr. Lunt) Are Waiting for Esther to sing, While The hostess (Scallion #1) is presenting right now)
  • Host Scallion: Now, all the way from Babylon home of the Hanging Gardens, Miss Babylon!
  • (Music)
  • (Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World starts)
  • Esther (singing): I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white. The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
  • (Silence)
  • (King Xerxes and Haman give Esther Two thumbs up )
  • Host Scallion: *GASP* Oh, yes! we have a new queen! what's your name Dear! Ladies and Gentlemen! May I introduce you yo... Queen Esther. (Voice sound like Pa Grape) Essie, Essie, Essie, Essie, Essie!
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Essie, Essie! I just heard the news! You're the Queen of all Persia!
  • Esther: Yep!
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Uh...
  • Esther: Nobody even asked me if I wanted to be queen.
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Oh, Don't worry. There must be a reason, but hey! tomorrow you'll be introduced for the court, boy, That'll be fun! I'll come visit you again.
  • (*Gee, About Time I Added A Special Guest Star In "ANOTHER 12 Stories In One".*)
  • (*I Referenced “LarryBoy and The Gas From Outer Space” Here*)

The Next Day, Haman Was Enjoying Himself Intel he Saw Bigthen (Jean Claude Pea), He Was Wondering If The king Invited Him or Told Bigthen What Happens If He Gets Punished for Coming Uninvited in Front of The King, But Then King Xerxes Notice A Cake and He Went to Get A Piece Intel He Almost Got Hit In The Head With A Piano,

Haman Was Surprised To See The Peaone Brothers (French Peas), Haman Was Mad, So He Told Them That They Are Banishment To The Perpetual Island Of Perpetual Tickling, So They Paid A Visit With The Grim Tickler Taking Them To The Island, With That punishment, Haman Had a Better Idea To Get Rid of Mordecai and His Family Forever.

So Later That Night, He Started Up His Sceme, He Told King Xerxes That There Was a Family Who Did Sneaky Little Things at the King, The King Was Very Scared and Mad, So, He Ajusted The Law, and So Mordecai Is Facing The End of Him.

  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): What's this?


Banish IPT

  • Mordecai (Pa Grape) OY!!! Essie, Essie!!!
  • Esther: Cousin Mordecai? What Is It?
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Oh, He's Done It! Look!
  • Esther: What’s this?
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): It's an edict in just a few days, Our whole family will be sent to the island of Perpetual Tickling!
  • Esther: What? Who? who did this?
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Oh, Who Do Ya Think? Haman Hates Us, Hates our whole family. and-and now he's done it. He got the King to sign this and-and we'll all be Banished!
  • Esther: What are you gonna do?
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): I can't do anything, but you! you're the queen You must go to him, You must go to the king!
  • Esther: What!?! Don't you know what happens to people who appear before the King Uninvited?
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Esther...
  • Esther: Remember the peaony brothers!?!
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Esther, There Is No Other Way! You Are The Only One Who Can Stop This!
  • Esther: No. no, l'm not gonna! l didn't even want to be a queen!
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): You Wanted To Know Why You Were Here? Why you became queen, l told you God must have a reason. Esther, Perhaps he put you here for such a time as this. Perhaps this is the reason. Esther, you never have to be afraid to do what's right. 
  • (*I Refrenced Up The ESTHeR: The Girl Who Became Queen Trailer Here.*) 

the Next Day...

  • (Stuff Mart Suite (Instrumental) plays)
  • (Plus 2ND Wall Break.)
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Hey? Who Invited The Queen?
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): I Don’t Know!
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Do You Invite The Queen?
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): Uhh..No. But, That's okay. 
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Scream or Banishment.
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): But, my little Queeny-Poo can visit me any time she wants! So what is it you want? just tell me whatever you want. It's yours.
  • Esther: umm..Uhhh, If It Pleases The King, l'd Like You and Haman to Come To Dinner Tonight.
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): Oh, Isn't That Nice, She's Inviting Us Over For Dinner.
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Mmm-hmm.
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): You Bet! We'd Love To Come, What Time You Want Us Over?
  • Esther: Say 8?
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): 8 It Is!
  • Esther: See yo then.
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Oh, Isn't That Nice.
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): Yap, She's a Keeper.
  • (Fades intro Haman going home after dinner, while Mordecai is Standing guard, Until, The gate opens)
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Well, hello there. I Guess there's not much to say, Ay Mordecai? See you now in two days You'll be waking up in-...
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): Arrogance Is Not Fitting For A Fool, Haman! I'll never Bow To You!
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): *GRANT* Oh, Yeah!?! Well Maybe This Foolish Right Hand Man Can Arrange For You To Take Your Trip To Tickle-Town, Tonight!!!
  • (Haman running inside the throne room.)
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): King, l have a most urgent request! l'm Wo-... O_O
  • (Record Player Scratches Effects)
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Wow... O_O
  • (Cut for Stand By)
  • Esther: I Wonder Where Haman Could Be?
  • Mordecai (Pa Grape): See ya Haman! Thanks For The Parade!
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Laugh All You Want! You Won't Be laughing Tomorrow! Haha, and no wait, you will oh, never mind. Hi. Sorry. l'm late.
  • (Haman close the door.)
  • Esther: So The real reason l called both of you here again tonight is to tell you that Haman is plotting against my family. Tomorrow, my people and l will be banished to the island of Perpetual tickling.
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): What??? Can You Prove This Charge?
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): I'm telling you, She's making it up!
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): Wait a minute. that's Mordecai.
  • Esther (Last words): Mordecai is my cousin, His family is my family!!
  • King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer): (gasp) You had me banish the man who saved my life, and my own queen!?! For your punishment Haman, you ogh't to be sent to hell along with anyone else who dares scheme against my queen and her family!
  • (The Big Score Starts, The door opens and the Grim appears to take Haman to Hell)
  • Haman (Mr. Lunt): Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • (The Grim pushes Haman, Haman’s clothes fall on and his mustache and mouth disappeared, The spatula flaps Haman on the grill, The holes closes and was never seen again)
  • (Fades intro blacks)
  • (Fades intro Esther’s chamber the next morning)
  • (Ending musics starts)
  • (*Well, to be continued 2018 the ends.*)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: LyLE and the Mean Vikings!!!

CRAZYTRAINJAKE22 Proudly Presents...

with Apoligies to CLASSIC MEDIA LTD.

LyLE and the Mean Vikings!!!

  • (The scene begins with Larry and Bob at the Countertop)
  • Bob: Hi kids, I'm Bob the Tomato.
  • Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!
  • Bob: Welcome to VeggieTales! Now Larry and I Have-
  • Archibald: Bob!
  • Bob: Uh, What is it, Archibald? (Archibald show "Lyle the Kindly Viking" VHS to Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber) Your point?
  • Archibald: It'll Be Great!
  • Bob: Oohhh Alright.
  • Bob: we going to-
  • Archblad: thank you,
  • (TV appears, Pop up a VHS, The Story begins when Lyle (Junior Asparagus) is walk down the Viking dock)
  • Omelette vs Shapetales
  • High Silk Hat Outtakes
  • Mabel Asparagus: Good Morning, Lyle!
  • Lyle (Junior): Good Morning!
  • Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): You'll missed another raid, Lyle.
  • Lyle (Junior): I know, I was making stuff Potholders!
  • (*Olaf feels suspicious*)
  • (By the way, There will be more music on the revisit of "Lyle and the Mean Vikings!!!" after all 12 Parts are Done.)
  • (Olaf (Mr. Nezzer) is a bit grumpy, As Lyle hops into the ship, Olaf, Erik (Jerry Gourd) and Harold (Jimmy Gourd) are out to find out what Lyle was up to, While Sven (Larry the Cucumber) and Ottar (Bob the Tomato) are agreed and hop into the Ship as well)
  • Otar (Bob): What?
  • Sven (Larry): Huh?
  • (Music Starts)
  • Lyle: (Junior): "Dear Monks, Dear Monks, what can I say?" "My friends have taken your things away!" "I've come to bring some back to you!"
  • (Sven and Ottar surprised)
  • Lyle (Junior): "I cannot make it all come back! But I'll share what I have in my little sack, and a few of my own potholders!"
  • One of the Monks (Pa Grape): Ay, It's the thought that counts.
  • (Sven and Ottar surprised again, Sven is Confuessed)
  • Sven (Larry): I'm Confuessed
  • Bart (Resembles Himself as a Lemon): Don't Have A Cow, Man!
  • Ottar (Bob): (voiceover) What in the world are you doing?
  • Bart (Resembles Himself as a Lemon): Ay, Caramba!


  • Archibald: (Narrating, voiceover) So They've Resolved Not To Let Olaf Find Out, Unfortunately, This Was Easier Said Than Done!
  • Ottar (Bob): (voiceover) Oh No!
  • Sven (Larry): (voiceover) What Is It?
  • Ottar (Bob): It's Lyle, He's In A Monastery!
  • Sven (Larry): *Gasp*
  • Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): Hum! Hey! That little viking is in BIG TROUBLE!!!
  • (As Lyle leaves, the monks had to be sure that Lyle is okay. Then suddenly the big ship begins to bump.)
  • Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): "What do you think you're doing?"
  • Lyle (Junior): I was...
  • Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): "Giving them stuff back?!"
  • Lyle (Junior): Well, yeah?
  • Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): "Now, there's a storm a-brewin, and you're the one that's under attack!"
  • One of the Monks (Pa Grape): AGH! Lyle's in Trouble, We Gotta Help Him! Where's The Life Ring?
  • Pea monk #1: Right Here!
  • One of the Monks (Pa Grape): Hang On, Lyle! Happys of the Way
  • (As The Monks Saved Lyle, The Viking Ship has throughout by The Monster)
  • (I Referenced "Are You Daydreaming" Here!)
  • Vikings: *Screaming* Oof
  • (Cut for Stand By)
  • Vikings: The sharers of the sea!! We're Vikings!! The sharers of the sea!
  • (End)


  • (Light on the Title)


  • (Lights off the Title)

Nervous System From "The End of Spookiness!?!"

  • Announcer: And Now it’s Time for “Silly Songswith Chuggaaconroy!”, The part of the Show where Chuggaaconreoy! Comes out and sings and silly song.
  • Three Asparagus children: (voiceover) Hey, there's a telegraph line, You got yours and I got mine. It's called the "NERVOUS SYSTEM" nervous system, And everybody understands Those telegram commands And you know that everybody better listen!


  • Boy (Schoolhouse Rock): There's a telegram for you sir, And it's at an awful time. It says you've got to go on stage And you forgot your lines You're gonna be embarassed, And there's no time to think, Quick! Pull that hand away, and slap them and you blush!
  • Three Asparagus children: (voiceover) Hey, there's a telegraph line, You got yours and I got mine. It's called the "NERVOUS SYSTEM" nervous system, And everybody understands Those telegram commands And you know that everybody better listen! (2x)
  • Announcer: This has been “Silly Songs with Chuggaaconroy!” Tune in next time to hear Chuggacomroy say...
  • Chuggaaconroy: That's ridiculous! Who in the world would do such a thing!? :) I could never guess.


  • (Larry and Pa Grape are watching "Religetables" on the Tablet)
  • Larry: Well!
  • Pa Grape: Oh! Now that escalated Quickly!

We Will, We Will, Rock You! from "Josh and the Fall Of The Israelites!"

  • (In Egypt, 4 israelite gourds, 4 israelite re-colored carrots and 13 israelite peas are become slaves)
    • Phaphon: (voiceover) Buddy, you’re a boy, make a big noise, Playing in the street, gonna be a big man some day You got mud on your face, you big disgrace Kicking your can all over the place (singing)
    • Six phapon peas [Chorus] We will, we will rock you
    • Three phapon scallions and celery: We will, we will rock you

Bonus Exlusive Mark #3

  • Announcer: And now it's time for “Silly Songs With TheComputerNerd” the part of the show where TheComputerNerd comes out and sings a silly song...
  • (Conjunction Junction starts)

The Share of Friends Extended Start

  • Vikings: We Used To Care About The Share, Gold So Rare, and Big TVs! But When We Share, We Get The Share of Friends!
  • Pea monks: Do, Do x10
  • Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): What`s The Use? A Golden Glue! Is Not The Excuse For Being Mean! When We Share We Get The Share of Friends!

The Hairbrush Song Outtakes


  • Narrator: Our curtain opens as Larry, having just finished his morning bath, is searching for his hairbrush. Having no success, Larry cries out...
  • Larry: (singing) Oh, wheeee-ere is my hair-
  • (Dad Asparagus is hop into the toilet peeing)
  • Bob: That's disgusting.
  • Male: Ohhhhhhh!
  • (Cut for Stand By)
  • Larry: (singing) Oh, wheeee-ere is my hair-brush? Oh where, oh where (7x) Oh-, (Larry hops out of the countertop) Ouch!
  • (Cut for Stand By)
  • Larry: (singing) Oh, wheeee-ere is my hair-brush? Oh where (8x) my hair-brush?
  • Announcer: (Continues Narrating) Having heard his- (bumping)
  • (Cut for Stand By)
  • Bob: Larry, that old hairbrush of yours... Well, you never use it, you don't really need it. So, well, I'm sorry... I didn't know. But I gave it to the Pepsi - 'cause he's got hair!
  • (The Pepsi can with Green hair hops into the Sink.)
  • (Cut for Stand By)
  • Larry: Take care, oh my hairbrush. Take Care, take care, don't dare not care, take care, nice hair, no fair, take care, take care ... of my hairbrush!
  • Narrator: The End.

Thanks For the 100 Subs! From "CrazyTrainJake22“.

Jonah Ridiculous Sing Along Songs and Even Even More!

Jonah Ridiculous Sing-Along Songs and Even Even More!

  • (Lords Of The Sea from "A Very Ridiculous Sing-Along!")
  • Pirates: We're the lords of the sea...
  • King Darius (Archibald): Expect, We aren't at sea.
  • Pirates: We're the lords of the sea... or sort of the sea!!!
  • Captain Pa Grape: Pass the chips!
  • (The Barbershop Quartet Doctor Nurse Outtakes from "A Very Ridiculous Sing-Along 2: The End of SPOOKINESS???)
  • (You are a Pirate from "Lazy Town" (JONAH Ridiculous Sing-Along Songs and Even Even More! Style)
  • Pirates: Yar har, fiddle de dee, Being a pirate is alright to be, Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, (This Is the 2nd appearance of Bart the Lemon to ever been in this Series!), You are a pirate!
  • Captain Pa Grape: You are a pirate! Yeah! We got us a map (A nao!) To lead us to a hidden box, Thats all locked up with locks (with locks!), And buried deep away, Well dig up the box (The box!), We know its full of precious booty, Burst open the locks and then we say "HOORAY"!
  • Unknown carrot: Hey, Whoa?
  • Pirates: Land ho, Yar har, fiddle de dee, Being a pirate is alright to be, Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, You are a pirate!
  • Captain Pa Grape: (offscreen) You are a pirate!
  • (Armageddon’s finally here! from "The Religetables")

The Religetables News Cast

  • Tomato: “Armageddon’s finally here!” [ the tomato is sliced ] (Another Religetables Segment. You can can't Do another sing along part without a Segment.)
  • Asparagus: [ running past ] “Arm-a-gettin’ outta here!”
  • [ pan to reveal can of V-8 leaking into the pits to simulate lava ]
  • Announcer: The all-new Religetables. Perfect for Christmas and Halloween.
  • Bob: (Bob sure dose not approve of "The Religetables" pretty well!!) Oh no.
  • (Bonus Exclusive Mark #4)
  • Announcer: (Now this Silly Songs in for WhataRecorder Buddy! Also, Special Thanks to AsherBuddy of Deveantart for this Title Card) And Now for "Silly Songs with WhataRecorder Buddy!" the part of the show where WhataRecorder Buddy! comes out and sings a silly song!
  • (ELECTRICITY! from "Schoolhouse Rock" starts)
  • (PAC-MAN References! Right?)
  • (Where do you think it all comes from this powerful!)
  • (electricity)

Break Time

  • (Yeah, This shot was Difficult to Animate. :()
  • Announcer: This has been "Silly Songs with WhataRecorder Buddy!" tune in next time to hear WhataRecorder Buddy! say...
  • WhataRecorder Buddy!: ("I Ain't good a making Stuff." Special Thanks to WhataRecorder Buddy! for his Audio for this Line) "I Ain't good at making stuff"
  • (Now, I Did not Have any Idea for more songs so I Just Loaded this Short from "12 Stories In One", "Are You Daydreaming?")
  • (The scene begins with Larry manning the wheel.)
  • (Larry daydreams that his nose came off his face and float around him and he gets it back.)
  • Bob: Larry! What are you doing?
  • Larry: Don't worry Bob, I've got it all.... WOAH! O-O.
  • Clay Sea Monster: (Guggling sound)
  • Both: *Gasp*
  • (The clay sea monster is throwing a Bob's boat in the air and Bob, Larry and the passages are into the island, both boat and bamboo helicopter land into the ground.)
  • (Where Is My Hairbrush Outtakes)
  • (A Messege from the Lord Outtakes)
  • Jonah (Archibald): Do not fight. Do not- (Larry Interrupts)
  • Larry: Hey, Archi-bald, Uh, Sorry. ("Really, Larry")

Standing by..

OK, Well Sense I'm Running Out of Ideas... I'll Just leave the ending as a Musical Number with Jonah and The Crowd Singing it. (My senseire Apoligies on How This Video Went)

  • All together: Dance across the water, water, Dance across the sky. (2x)
  • (Yeah, I Didn't Think this through. :()
  • (End)
  • (High Silk Hat Outtakes)

The Tar of Christmas

  • (In a town of London set around the year 1882, Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps are looking at a poster advertising a product called Durling's Grand Dental Wax. Milward is smiling while Cavis is not.)
  • Millward Phelps: It's beautiful, isn't it? another job well done.
  • Cavis Appythart: Huh, Yeah!
  • Millward Phelps: What's wrong, Cavis?
  • Cavis Appythart: Our careers are going nowhere, Millward.
  • Millward Phelps: What! But our work is up all over London. Little children are singing our songs and...
  • Cavis Appythart: But we're not making a difference. Look at this. (He hands him a newspaper.) (Millward looks inside the newspaper to see ads that involve terrible things happening such as bad weather and criminals.) This isn't a happy place, Millard. I want our songs to bring joy and love, like respectible song writers. If I could do one thing, just one thing, I'd teach ALL of London to love. Is that so much? But how? How? (Just then, Cavis spots an ad for Seymour Shwank.) Millward, I have an idea! The best idea I ever had!
  • Millward Phelps: Better than this silly moustache?
  • Cavis Appythart: This is the break we've been waiting for!
  • Millward Phelps: I'm with ya, Cavis!
  • Cavis Appythart: And just in time for Christmas!
List of Stuff Needed:
Light Bulbs Organic Chips
Pepsi and 7-up Some Cardboard
Costumes Nails
Light flair Some Ballpoint Pens
Oreos and Hamburger Helper Wool
Notebook 60 flips Twinkies
Spite and Mini-Pizzas Butterfingers
A Few Tapes Other Stuff...
Cheese Rolls
Chesse Burger
Rainbow Rolls
Hot Dogs
Macarroni and Powder
Spice Fries

Chy-Fry Gow-Pow

More of Our food just taste like Notebook Paper - (I Wound't Wanna Eat it)

Light UP!


  • Seymour (Pa Grape): (voiceover) Perfect! Oy va, that face!
  • Millward (Larry): I’ll take care of it!
  • (References to "King George and the Yucky")

Later... at the theater...

This Is What Larry Means By Time Travel! Get It?

  • (References to "Are You Day Dreaming?")

August 25, 2015 - Saturday

February 5, 2019 - Tuesday

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: THE HORRIBLE DIMENSIONAL VHSTAINMENT!!!

TheComputerNerd20100 Presents...

VeggieTales ANOTHER 12 Stories in One theme song

  • (Before the total card As Title Is Shown Is Starts Out With Bob and Larry In The Opening)
  • Bob(voiceover): Larry, It's Time For Theme Song!
  • Larry(voiceover): *Breath* Not This Time Bob I'm not doing the theme song,
  • Bob(voiceover): What? What Do You Mean We're Not Doing The Theme Song?
  • Larry(voiceover): It's Time To Wake Up and Smell The Future!
  • (as They Were Done Talking, The Door Opens and They Walk out Then The Door Slams Shut)
  • Bob: Where are We?
  • Larry: The Future.
  • Bob: WOW, The Future Sure Is White.
  • Larry:Yep If you just been white since the 70.
  • (As Bob Paused For a Second He Started To Recognize Him and Larry Actually Did The Theme Song Here)
  • Bob: Wow.
  • Larry: Bob?
  • Bob: What about The Theme Song???
  • Larry: The Future Holds No Theme Song are too predictable too repeatable too mucus.
  • Larry: two plus two equal four is right.
  • Bob: Oh, Really Larry.
  • Larry: Correct Sir.
  • Bob: Uhh, OK!
  • Larry : the wonderful words of dimesioal vhs tamment.
  • larrry : we ready funny show comsut.
  • (Larry Starts To Put His Chicken Hat on)
  • Larry: You Know Why This Is Funny Bob?
  • Bob: Uhh....
  • larry: become in unxepected!
  • Larry : That why that make Chicken head were you Bob.
  • Bob : Uhh..
  • Larry : that got to chicken hat would have been funny.
  • Bob : Well I didn't know about honey.
  • Larry : No Bob the Future is randomly generated.
  • (larry put off his chicken hat off)
  • Larry : Left me show you.
  • Bob : uh okay.
  • Larry :hey. Mae.
  • (Mae Shows Up Out of Nowhere)
  • Mae (Resembles as a Carrot): No.
  • (Larry and Bob are a Little Confused With Her, Intel Bea Calls To Her)
  • Bea (Resembles as a Carrot): Mae, You'r Drunk.
  • Mae (Resembles as a Carrot): Yeah, Yeah, Shut up.
  • (Mea Walks off While Bob and Larry Wonders Why Their Here)
  • Bob: uh Larry?
  • Larry:the skill is Randomly generated!!!
  • Bob: Randomly generated?
  • Larry: what better is understandable.
  • (Larry Goes Back To His Speech)
  • Larry: I've Seen The Future Bob, and The Future Is Entertainment!!!
  • (after Larry Is Done With Their Speech, Electricity Bolts Start, And Bob Starts Screaming)
  • (Bob and Larry Electrocutes Into The Wonderful Dimesional V.h.s-Tainment)
  • (Bob Gets Dizzy)
  • Bob: WOOOW.....OOOOYYYY....YAAA....OOooh? Huh? Where are We?
  • Larry: The Wonderful Dimesional V.h.s-Tainment, Unlike Us, Wait Till The Kids Learn With Autotainment,
  • chior: The future is now!
  • larry:hey guy.
  • Rusty: Hi’y Boys!
  • Ventrilomatic: Greetings. Viewers!
  • Bob: Hey???Those are Robots!
  • Ventrilomatic: Affirmative!
  • Larry: Not Only That, They're Humor Can Be Randomly Generated, Right Guys?
  • (BoB annoying Larry talking)
  • ventrilomatic : what the chicke cross the roll.
  • rusty : I did know what?
  • ventrilomatic : weeder.
  • (People laughed)
  • larry : that a good one.
  • Bob : This is no make cent?!
  • Larry : is FUNNY because unxepected
  • Bob :What what happened to is funny because is true.
  • Larry : what do you think...That Funny?
  • BoB : UHH..No.
  • Larry : all kids veggie that is coming to wheel of veggie.
  • Bob : Huh what did you mean???
  • (Bob look the wheel of veggie)
  • (Yet Again, Mae Shows Up, But In This One She's On The Wheel of Veggies)
  • Mae (Resembles as a Carrot): No.
  • Jimmy Gourd: Hey!!!
  • Mae (Resembles as a Carrot): Shut up.
  • (Jimmy Gets Frustrated)
  • Junior: *Laughs*
  • Laura: Junior?
  • Junior: Huh?
  • Laura: Is There Anything You Want Me To Tell, When I Meet Him?
  • (Junior Is Very Annoyed To Laura)
  • Junior: if wanted tease with Want be messy Laura.
  • Laura: Gaps*
  • (Laura was surprised juinor)
  • Bob: uhh.....Ok? But what about the-
  • Larry: hi Mr. Lunt?
  • (Bob look at Mr lunt)
  • Mr. Lunt: Hi, I'm The Tech-No Gourd of The Future!
  • Dad Asparagus, Mom Asparagus, Marley Gourd, Choirs Robot
  • (Bob look at the wheel of veggie)
  • Larry (VoiceOver): Engaged "The Wheel of Veggies" and the 'Swarming Balls of Disorder'. the Wheel of Veggies will choose a performer at random , then the Swarming Balls of Disorder will determine both the topic and genre of the song.
  • Larry; OK, Robot bros, take it away.
  • (tech no Ground Of the Futer press the button theme song)
  • Choir: The future is now!
  • Announcer ; landed and Germanthe host of the shoe to the futer on the is larry Wonderful Words.
  • Larry : And now coming to you live from the Future it's "Larry The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!".
  • Chior (voiceover): It's the Larry "Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!", Entertainment! 
  • Choir: Entertainment 
  • Choir (voiceover): the future is now! 
  • Bob:(voiceover):uh? 
  • Total title middie card 
  • The Horrble dimensions of Vhs tamnet 
  • Larry: Welcome to show, were "If I Sang a Silly Song" what will be about...... staring with the veggie intelligent units, Ventrilomatic and Rusty, plus, The Tech-No Gourd of The Future!
  • Chior(voiceover): The future is now! (2x)
  • Ventrilomatic: First Question: "Where does a sheep go to get his hair cut?"
  • Rusty: I don't now, "Where does a sheep go to get his hair cut?"
  • Ventrilomatic: "So he says, 'What are you talking about? That's not my dog'"
  • (The Tech-No Gourd of The Future! press a "There’s a Hole In The Bottom of the sea Outtakes" button )

There’s a Hole In The Bottom of the sea Outtakes

  • (Music Starts on There`s a Hole In The Bottom of the sea Outtakes)
  • Both Peas: There`s A Hole In The Bottom of The Sea, There`s A Dick In The-
  • (Both Peas are Very Depressed)


  • Both Peas: There`s A Hole In The Bottom of The Sea, There`s A Disney Channel In The-
  • (Both Peas are Very Depressed Again)
  • (Cute by the scene)
  • Both peas : There's a hole in the bottom of the sea, There's a Hole in Cartoon Network in the-
  • Philip :. I have not received?
  • (Both peas are very depressing again)


  • Both Peas: There`s A Hole In The Bottom of The Sea, There`s A Disney XD In The-
  • (Both Peas are Very Depressed Yet Again)
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • Both peas: there a hole in bottom of the sea,There a Lyle and mean Vikings. It the-
  • Jude: ooh Philip.
  • (Audience laughing)


  • Both Peas: There`s A Hole In The Bottom of The Sea, There`s A Disney Junior In The-
  • (Both Peas are Very Depressed Yet Yet Again)
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • Both Peas: there a hole in banana silp.
  • (Both peas silp oh and the banana plit)
  • Both peas : AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!
  • Crash*


  • Both Peas: There`s A Hole In The Bottom of The Sea, There`s A Universal Kids In The-
  • (Both Peas are Very Depressed Yet Yet Yet Again)
  • Jacksepticeye (Resembles Himself as a Grape): *Laughs* WHAT???
  • (The Blue Door close)
  • Ventrilomatic: Second Question: "how you sink a submarine full of peas"
  • Rusty: I don't now, "how you sink a submarine full of peas"
  • Ventrilomatic: "Your boat has not left the driveway in 15 years"
  • Rusty: "You're killing me" but seriously folks, please welcome-
  • (The Tech-No Gourd of The Future! press a "Barbershop Quartet Outtakes" button)

Barbershop Quartet Bloopers from “A Very Ridiculous Sing-Along 2: The End of SPOOKINESS???”

The Barbershop Quartet Bloopers

  • Quartet Singers: Hm, hm, hm, hm. There lived a man so long ago his memory's but faint. Was not
  • Bob: (voiceover) Not a peanut, he was a peanut farmer, Sorry about that.
  • Quartet Singers: But people came from far and near with their nauseated 7up.
  • (an unknown 7up glass bottle begins to sneeze)
  • Quartet Singers: Some would stand in silence while some just scratched their scalps. For the curious ways of the yodeling veterinarian of the alps. Wooooooooooah.
  • (Laughing audience)
  • Quartet Singers: Wooah! Some would stand in silence, while some just scratched their scalps, for the curious ways of the Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps!
  • (the door close bLuc)
  • Larry : Yup is Futur is good.
  • Rusty: hey remember the barberShop outtakes move in with me river.
  • Ventrilomatic: Yup I sure hope.
  • Bob:Whaaat Larry that wasn't the a Randomly generated Fuuny made no sense.
  • Larry: oh that right.
  • Rusty: why the 2+2=4 the scene right.
  • Bob: Huh?what up with Rusty?
  • ventrilomatic : what thank you This show call fecth with ruff man and now registration short.

Fetch with Ruff Ruffman's Love Opera (Good Dancing and Bad Breath Version) (Pa Grape VS Dad Asparagus Style) (Pa Grape and Ruffman Kiss)

  • Boogie Woogie: Okay, Pa, let's boogie!
  • (Song plays)
  • Pa Grape: (sings in a tenor voice) Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, I have chimichangas, the poodle tells me sooooooo.
  • Dad: I'm gonna punch you in the face!
  • Pa Grape: Here we go, again!
  • Dad: (Pa Grape slapped Dad Asparagus in the face, yet yet again.) AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAAAAAHHH!!
  • (Dad Asparagus falls into the Lion's Den and get eaten by Michael Rosen, but Ruff Ruffman and Pa Grape shows up)
  • Pa Grape: Haha! Oh, Love Ruff Ruffman.
  • (Pa Grape and Fetch with Ruff Ruffman Kissing)
  • (The Blue Door close)
  • Rusty : "Negative, that would nullify the irony", but “What leads to that correlation?"
  • Ventrilomatic : Well "he was a tax collector in a tree, and I have a surge protector in my knee" Oh what fun, and now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome-
  • (The Tech-No Gourd of The Future! press a "Day-o Banana Boat" button)

Day-o Banana Boat (Archibald Asparagus Song)

  • (Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) start)
  • Archibald: Okay, here we go. Eh hemm.
  • Archibald: I like putting a banana on the boat all the way to the ocean.
  • Archibald: and I like the sea and the water on the picture book.
  • Archibald: oops.
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • Archibald: I’m very well acquainted (hiccups) too matter (hiccups)

(Audience laughing)

(Cut by the scene)

  • Archibald: Day-O Banana boat. Day-O Banana Boat. I like The fish. The chocolate guy. And anyone starts to realize.
  • Fish guy: Chocolate CHOCOLATE!
  • Archibald: Uh.

(Fish Guy slaps Archibald ten times) AA.AA.AA.AA.AA.AA

  • Fish guy: thank yours.
  • Archibald: Nope.
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • (Archibald run and fire floor)
  • Archibald: AHHHHHHHHHHh
  • Archiblad: fire smoke im suck.


(Cut by the scene)

  • Archibald: and look to generate I look Along (Archibald was hit by a bag of coins)
  • Archibald: ouch that hurt.

(the door blue close)

  • rusty: Thanks, that song was so funny, right.
  • Ventrilomatic: Right, the scene was amazing, what is it?
  • Rusty: Oh nothing.
  • Ventrilomatic: Hey, looks like you can stop teasing me, okay.
  • Rusty: oh, that place of Archibald was good.
  • Larry: Uh, oops.
  • Bob: Larry, what Happened?
  • Larry: Nothing happened.
  • Bob: What’s up with Rusty!
  • Larry: I think my Rusty is different randomly mostly probably.
  • Bob: The middle of why the show is exciting?
  • Larry: I Didn't know I had my idea to cheer up, right?
  • Bob:Larry, what are you doing!?

(Larry walks to the auto tainment stage)

  • Larry: don't worry Bob, I got it all covered.

(He presses the button you are my Sunshine outtakes )

You are My Sunshine Outtakes.


  • Larry: You are my sunshine in my sunshine in my sunshine....
  • Ray: Good morning, (insert name choice right here)
  • Larry: Oops.
  • (Cut of stand by)
  • Larry: you make be Fanta orange.
  • (Fanta orange falls in the black hole)


  • Larry: You are my-*hiccup*
  • (Audience Laughing)
  • (Cut by scene)
  • Larry: You are bomby.
  • Bomby: Oh no, Firey. this is your fault.
  • Larry: No, how does it work?
  • Explosion*


  • Larry: You are a..
  • Hoobs: Hoo Hoo Hooray!
  • Larry: Oh.
  • Bob: (offscene) Next scene.
  • Larry: You are my...
  • Sheen: Until lord, Until lord.
  • Sheen: Give bucks for please.
  • Larry: SHEEN!
  • Sheen: You made me disaccount.


  • Larry: You are my sun...
  • Rocky: Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh!
  • Larry: Oh, yuck!
  • (Cut of stand by)
  • Larry and choirs flowers: you are my rocket cars...
  • Larry: NO WAIT!!
  • Larry: WHOOOOOOA!



  • Larry: You are my..... Where is everybody?
  • Bob: (offscreen) NEXT!
  • (cut of stand by)
  • Both: God’s love is my train.
  • I like trains kid: I like trains.
  • ( Junior and Larry get hit by Thomas's tank engine)
  • Thomas: sorry sir.

Take 6!

  • Larry and Junior: A little sunshine and little sunshine You are a bomb.

(Bob-omb sounds)

  • Larry: Not again.




Larry: Ouch!

(Cut by the scene)

  • Everyone: you have been my Sunshine to great a little-
  • (The Truck Falls over the mountain and crash)


  • Everyone: they you can give his sunshine aw-
  • Everyone: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!
  • (The Truck Head over the river)
  • Bob (voiceover): Next scene.


  • Everyone: you have been my sunshine t-
  • (monkey Grabs on Junior)
  • (Junior screams)
  • Larry: huh where’s Junior?
  • (Monkey Grabs on Larry too and scream)
  • (Audience laughing)


  • Larry and Junior: You are my rain, wind, sun and.....
  • (Larry And Junior accidentally pull down the ladder, and snow drops by.)
  • Larry: Snow... (faints)
  • Olaf: (Laughing)
  • Larry: Sorry.
  • (the doors close the blue door)
  • rusty: So, that was good! I love the outtakes.
  • Ventrilomatic: why thank you.
  • Rusty: I sorry for the late trick.
  • Ventrilomatic: why thank you.
  • ventrillomatic: how about junior asparagus tripping all over himself?
  • rusty: I like it.

My Day (Junior Asparagus Tripping All Over Himself)

  • Junior: And so it's good to *hiccup* How much you love *hiccup* It's true, the bible says you *hiccup* You really love *hiccup* Your love was with me all throughout my (BEEP)
  • (A cookie pie splats Junior in the face)
  • Cookie Monster: Hahaha! That was funny!
  • SpongeBob : (laughing)
  • James and groden (laughing)
  • (The Blue Door close)
  • Bob: What did doing!
  • Larry: I did know.
  • Bob: well that just terrible.
  • Ventrilomatic: (voiceover) Oops.
  • Rusty: I okay I give me hug okay.
  • (Rusty give a hug Ventrilomatic)
  • Ventrilomatic: Rusty why are doing.
  • Larry *Gaps* Bob I think Rusty might be randomly generated.
  • Bob: oh come on I thought Arurz was supposed the be Randomly generated?
  • larry : oh yeah maybe has circuit or something the future.
  • Bob : OKAY STOP THE Music Larry.
  • larry : I know ventrilomatic take good.
  • bob : Robot this no make cents is not good be a next time!
  • Larry : Oh that weed?
  • ventrilomatic : get ready to legs and arms and together.
  • (The Tech-No Gourd of The Future! press a "Hardware Store" button)

Hardware Store (Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd, Captain Willow Asparagus and Scooter Carrot Song)

  • [sound effects from tools]
  • All: I can't wait, (no I) I can't wait (oh when) When are they gonna open up that door? I'm goin' (yes I'm) goin', I'm a-goin' to the Goin' to the (hard) ware I'm goin', really goin' to the Goin' (hard) I'm goin' to the (hard) oh yes, I'm goin' to the Hardware store (3x)
  • (The Blue Door close)
  • (The Tech-No Gourd of The Future! press the red button)
  • Ventrilomatic : here the come to giving to legs and feet.
  • (The tech-No ground of the future press a Eric canal fail chocolate guy)

Eric canal fail Chocolate Guy

  • Pa grape : I,ve got a mule her name is chocolate.
  • Choir: Fifteenth years of chocolate mountain.
  • Fish guy : Chocolate CHOCOLATE!
  • Pa Grape: Oy not again.
  • (Fish Guy slap ten times Pa Grape ) AA.AA.AA
  • Fish guy : thanks your.
  • Pa Grape : your just not get it.

(The blue door closed)

The Crash Of the Cucumber

  • (Rusty crying)
  • Ventrilomatic : what are you crying.
  • Rusty : I did now I just sad.
  • Rusty: (crying and laughing)
  • Rusty : Ahahaha hahahahAAAa
  • (Rusty Slap ten time ventrilomatica yeti yeti Angin) AAAAAHHHH. Ow.Ah.ow
  • Bob angry : all right that it I put stop!
  • Larry : what??
  • Bob : all right everyone that the end of show!!!
  • Bob : I don't the stupid carrots mal.
  • Mal (Resembles as a carrot) : stop.
  • (Rusty stand on Mal)
  • Rusty : ruff ruff ruff.
  • Bob : randomly generated randomly mostioan.
  • Bob : this WAS BIG Messy!
  • Larry : I sorry Bob I sure this was gonna be to great new way entmet fall head like that.
  • Bob Angry : Did know Hard is the it was Network to turn of bunch of vegetables!!
  • Larry : I got theres song are good With auto tanment.
  • Larry : the got cool outtakes funny cilp.
  • (Larry wink is eye oh Bob )
  • Mr Lunt : the Cumber got it pont.
  • Bob : okay that song and outtakes was good but where ending part.
  • Larry : I got it Mr lunt would you my take dora.
  • (Mr lunt look at Larry)
  • Mr lunt: you got it.
  • (The tech-No ground of future press the wheels of veggies stop)
  • Dora: (speaking very fast) Oye, Larry, ¿estás listo para bailar y cantar una canción aleatoria? (Translation: Hey, Larry, are you ready to dance and sing a Random Song?)
  • Larry: Sure, Dora...... Ready, Mr. Lunt.
  • Mr. Lunt:(voiceover)Rodger.
  • Larry: FIRE! (Mr. Lunt launched Larry were flying into the “Auto-tainment” stage)
  • Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a Silly song. Larry will be performing the traditional Argentinian ballad, "The Crash of the Cucumber" in its original Spanish. Bob the Tomato will translate.
  • Larry: (singing in Spanish)
  • Bob the Tomato: (speaking) Watch the cucumber, see how it slips.


  • Bob the Tomato: (Laughing)
  • Announcer: This has been Random Songs with Larry, tune in next time

"Bonus Exclusive!" Mark 4

  • (Transition Cuts To Black Then Cuts To The Silly Song Card)
  • Silly Songs with zackscottgame
  • Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Z- (Larry Interrupts Him)
  • Larry Not this Time!! (LarryHops Away off The Camera Then Transition Cuts Back To Black)
  • (Larry the Cumber Decided To Just Save That For Which is A Very Later YTP Part)

Colors Everywhere! (Blue's Room Skit) (I Was a Teenage Gary Version)

  • (Blue's Clues - Joe Sings Colors Everywhere - (Blue's Room Skit) starts)
  • Patrick the star : will you clam down.
  • (Patrick toss the shoe with Joe)
  • (The Blue Door close)


  • Bob : you right Larry we did learned something God is bigger.
  • Larry : yup if we have good day of bad day if the robot got funny epodes.
  • Bob: Well, that's all for the episode, "The Wonderful Dimesional V.h.s-Tainment!!!".
  • Larry: Me too.
  • Mal : Here you go, Boys (Ventrilomatic and mal shows "The Ballad of Little Joe" VHS and DVD and give to Bob and Larry)
  • Both: I Don't Think That's Funny.
  • Bob : I think time to go home.
  • Larry (voiceover)oh okay.
  • Larry : let go home bob.
  • Larry : good bye Futur.
  • (stars Eastenders theme song)
  • Ventrilomatic: Good bye Boy.
  • (Rusty Sleeping yet)
  • ( As Bob and Larry were leaving the furtur and the door opening )
  • Mr Lunt : hey can't I have old job back please the robot are so freak me out.
  • (The walk Mr Lunt leave the door closed)
  • (Winks at the end)
  • (End)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: Little Joe and the Mean Peas!

Little Joe and the Mean Peas!

  • (Title firey Fades)
  • (Music starts)
  • Mexico musician #1: In the great Painted Desert A Long time ago, Twixt The feet of the Rockies and The Big horn Planteu. (Spanish)
  • Other Mexico musicians: Lived a man of great calling a man of great skill. In the city of Dodgeball They sing of him still, O Lone Stranger! Your mask hides your face, Who you are we can‘t say, O Lone Stranger! They sing, Hi-Ho sliver, away! (Spanish)

Little Joe and the Mean Peas Part 1

  • (The scene with Bob and Larry counrtop)
  • Bob : hi kids welcome to veggie tales I.m Bob tomato.
  • Larry : And I Larry cucumber.
  • Bob we here ask you questions.
  • Bob : i Got a letter Woody.
  • Bob : dear Bob And larry.
  • Bob : I.m precast?
  • Sheffi woody (Offscence) : sunshine not here she go new york.
  • Bob : wow that trick one.
  • Larry ; yup is sure was I think we did wester.
  • Bob : oh what.
  • Bob : I think we did do bible story.
  • Larry : wester Bob!
  • Bob : Bible story Larry!
  • (Larry Annoying with Bob)
  • Larry : Wester Bob!
  • Bob ; Gasp can.t we hang on.
  • (As they talked Please stay by scene Mario 64 soundtrAck (Bob and Larry aurgument)
  • Bob : is flew the threw is the wester Bible story.
  • (Larry brought "the Balled a little Joe VHS and DVD" show Bob)
  • Larry : little Joe's and mean peas.
  • Bob : roll flim.
  • (Larry put balled a little Joe on the TV appears)
  • Bob: (Narrating) A Long, Long, Time Ago, way out west in the Okie-Dokie corral, Lived A Group of Cowboy Brothers add a Cowgirl Sister to be exact.
  • Reuben: Hola “Little doggies” (Spanish)
  • Larry: (Narrating) with accents.
  • (1rst Shot Shows One of The Western Peas Carring Sheep Intel It Fell on Him)
  • (Struggles From Getting The Sheep off of Him)
  • Bob: (Narrating) Ahem, anyway, There Was, Reuben!
  • Reuben: Hoo hoo!
  • Bob: (Narrating) Simon, Tosh, Simion!, Levi, Izzy, Zeb, Gad, Ash, Dan, Natty and-...
  • (Bob Felt Confused With Benjamin (Junior Asparagus) and The Three Asparagus Cowboy Brothers)
  • Bob: (young) .....- Jude!
  • Asparagus Brother #1: Hey, Jude!
  • Western Peas: Howdy, Jude!
  • Jude: F**k You.
  • Bob: (Narrating) WOAH!!! Uh....Heh heh! OH! and One More!
  • (Little Joe Shows up)
  • (sheep poop on little joe)
  • little joe:that kind disgust.
  • Bob: (Narrating) Now Little Joe was a little different than the others, because aside from talking differently, God gave him a great organizational abilities. Unfortunately....
  • Larry Narrator: Every morning when they've wake up…
  • Bob Narrator: what?? Oh everything night that pea going Trick.
  • (The the trieving magpie Overture stars)
  • (This is the pea prank with little joe)
  • (Little joe fell tin the bag oh the flour but feet are stickin)
  • (Flour is the take Three asparagus take the farmer and the three scallions help little joe take out the boy so the lititle joe sneezed the fire on hay)
  • scalilon#1:not now kid maybe later what.
  • French pea : (voiceover) laughter
  • scalilon#:1here has this is clear thing up.
  • Pa Grape: say sorry to little joe.
  • jude: this is not proble(voiceover). (Little joe take a shower)
  • Bob Narrator: Joe is going gaps Larry no.
  • (little joe pee on the shoe)
  • Bob (Narrator): oh the pete Safe larry.
  • (Skipping the next scenes)
  • Peas: I'll be there.
  • Western Narrator: Every night at dinner for Thanksgiving...
  • Pea Zombies: I'll! Be! There!
  • Pa grape : I got very interesting is little joe birthday.
  • little joe : thanks Pa.
  • British Narrator: On every birthday parties...
  • Peas: I'll be there/I'll be there/I'll be there/etc.
  • Narrator Bob : Each Christmas...
  • (Red ornaments turned into Peas)
  • Red Peas: (singing) I'll be there! (3x)
  • Western Narrator: Each Valentine's Day...
  • (Little Joe open the box of chocolate and turning into Peas)
  • Brown Peas: I'll be there/I'll be there/I'll be there/etc.
  • Narrator: Each New Year’s Eve...
  • Giant Green Pea: I'll be there.
  • Jude: are you scary Joe huh.
  • Western Narrator: Each Halloween...
  • (Little Joe sees an orange pumpkin and turns into a pea)
  • Orange Pea: I'll be there
  • Little Joe : oh that odd?
  • Jude : haha how about now.
  • (Pea turn reds)
  • Narrator: And each Mardi Gras...
  • Peas: I'll be there.
  • Western Narrator : Year after year after year. Times change, after Little Joe and his brothers past, they‘ve grow old together red little Joe start sceamof)
  • The Mean pea: laughing.
  • Little Joe: (screaming of terrible):Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
  • Treelo: (Speaking Treeloese)
  • Little Joe: No! NO! Bad squirrel! Huh? (He shows up the mean peas) AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Little Joe screaming when he's attacking Treelo and the evil mean peas)
  • Little Joe : jibee Nnnn, Naan,No what, Nnnn,
  • (Little Joe Fall the floor)
  • Little Joe: Noooooooo!
  • sm64: Hang on, Little Joe, You and I...


  • Smg4 : Will be brothers.
  • Archibald :STOP! STOP! DON'T EV....
  • SmG4 : Little Joe, don't do that!
  • (Little Joe farts to Scallion #2)
  • Scallion #2 :BOO You TEMMET Eeeeeeewwwwwww!
  • (He faints and collapes)
  • Little Joe: Oh, sorry.
  • Larry narrow : can we turn fire


Meanwhille in a town called Dodgeball City...

  • Cowboy Quartet: (voiceover, singing) Oh, Joe. Little Joe.
  • (Little Joe wants to go to a rootin tootin firecrackers place called, “Chuck E. Cheese's”, then play games, and more, suddenly...)
  • Little Joe: What are you up to son?
  • I Like Trains Kid: I like Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • Little Joe: Yes, we do.
  • SmG4 : little joe I got the Good news
  • Little joe : you do
  • SmG4 : miss kittle fail
  • ( Sm64 Got new records little joe miss Kittle was mad)
  • Little Joe: thank smg4
  • Announcer: Hey, Little Joe! It's time for the ”VeggieTales Sing-Along Contest!”
  • Miss Kittle : hey you can we talk first.
  • Little joe : four Sorry no.
  • ( miss Kittly put oh big hat on little joe)
  • little joe : is have bigger before.
  • ( little joe he fall over the stage)
  • Miss kittle : oh sorry beacse over this
  • little joe : no what stop Woaaah!!!
  • ( BoB open the door slaming )
  • Bob . All right what matter here!!!!!
  • Miss Kitty this man was shit** was rude there was dear.
  • Bob : i got you sing the theme song now.
  • Larry : no I not do the theme song.
  • Bob: What about the theme song?
  • Little Joe: Be quiet, Bob! Tally ho!
  • (Little Joe rushes to the stage)
  • Bob: JOE! WE'LL WAIT FOR YOU! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Music starts)
  • Little Joe: Everybody's got a skateboard cow, you're too fast but mine is slow. Everybody go skateboard Ooooooooooh. Take it away, Bob.
  • Bob: Um, um, um, everybody'...
  • (Audience Booing)
  • Kid: Get out of here, Bob!
  • Bob : All Right Everyone THAT the end I sorry but this going work.
  • Little Joe: Oh, no!
  • SmG4 :Gaps.
  • Bob :Gaps.
  • Bob : You under the rest little joe.
  • little joe : but I bad guy.
  • Bob : take in judge.
  • (sheffa bob rest little joe to going jail)

Bellybutton (VeggieTales in the House Style)

  • Boyz: He needs to tell you something
  • (Mr. Lunt ripping his shirt and show his bellybutton)
  • Mr. Lunt: I got a bellybutton.
  • Boyz: BELL! Y! BUTT! ON!

Little Joe and the Mean Peas! Part 2


  • Archibald and Benjamin (Junior): With his help little kids can do heap (coughing)

LATER... prison

  • Bob, Little Joe, Benjamin (Junior), Miss Piggy, Mr. McPotiphar (Scooter), Abby Mallard (Abby Potato), Runt of the Litter and King Julien jimmy and Jerry,
    • If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, friendship never ends. Jimmy and Jerry sleep and daydreaming.


Sheriff Bob Tripping All Over Himself

  • Sheriff Bob: A year ago, my little-*Hiccup*-was busted at the-*Hiccup*. Criminals both-*BEEP*-and right were...(A Pie Splats Sheriff Bob In The face, Then Jimmy and jerry Laughing at Him From The Pie On His Face)
  • (Cuts on Stand By, Then cuts to everyone)
  • Elmo, Little Joe, Walter, Cookie Monster Jimmy and jerry, Pepe and Gonzo: Love shack, baby, love shack (2x)
  • Little Joe : thank emlo you are the best.
  • Sheffi Bob : so how to good.
  • Little Joe : is was great.
  • Sheffi bob : okay light off everyone see tomorrow’s.
  • (Jimmy And Jerry bad dream student )
  • Jimmy and Jerry : AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!'
  • ( Everyone town turn the light on) )


  • Swedish Chef, Little Joe, Pa Grape, Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear:
    • I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it out, Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie the beat. Now, what you hear is not a test I'm rappin' to the beat, and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet. (Whoo!) See, I am Wonder Mike, and I'd like to say hello. (Hello!) To the black, to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow, but first, I gotta bang bang, the boogie to the boogie. Say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie, let's rock...


  • Funella, Janice, Phoebe Furchester Fuzz, Barney, Timon, Pumbaa and Little Joe:
    • Lover's in love and the other's run away. Lover is crying 'cause the other won't stay. Some of us hover when we're weeping for the other. Who was dying since the day they were born, well...
    • jimmy : joe I got the dream is scary
    • Jerry : I got the dream is scary too What we do now.
    • litttle joe : if we have the good news or bad news.
    • Spinng the dog: I have good news or bad new.
    • Little joe: wow I comfortable?
    • (cut by the scene)
    • Baldi (Resembles himeself as scallions) : got to get you jerry (Jerry scary)
    • (Close the door)
    • Sheffi Bob : well I did know maybe go to sleep.
    • Little Joe : no.
    • Bob : oh man!!
    • (Later Powerpuff girl theme song)
    • (Mayor's was sleep) we officer Archibald tell the story board meeting was story.
    • (Jimmy join watch When Junior daydream under the table)
    • jimmy:Haha oh you crap my up laugh.


Madam's blueberry tripping All over Himself

  • Miss Kitty : a sea of *hiccps* pain a picinc promise the *hiccups* but giving the beep*
  • (As pie splat oh miss Kitty in the face on blueberry pie audience laughing)
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • Miss Kitty (Madame Blueberry): So I, I turned the radio h on, I turned the radio up, And this woman was singing my song, Lovers in love and the other's run away, Lover is crying 'cause the other won't stay.


  • Little Joe, Mr. Lunt, Furgus Fuzz, Kermit the Frog, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Big bird : I got flowers in the spring (Beaker: Mee Mee Mee), I got you (Beaker: Mee Mee Mee) To wear my ring.
  • Little Joe: Take it away, Beaker!
  • Beaker: Mee Mee Mee Mee, Mee Mee Mee Mee, Mee Mee-Mee Mee Mee, Mee Mee Mee Me-e-e-e-e
  • Sherriff Bob: ThIs has to be song bunsies carried.
  • (Cut by scene)
  • (little joe saw the giant red peas)
  • little joe : everyone run to red peas!!!
  • Everyone : sceams!
  • (cuts he scene)


  • Pa Grape and Sam the Eagle: I could fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings.
  • Pa Grape: hey Benjamin I got brought something.
  • (Pa grape give the duck)
  • Benjamin: my duck.


  • All: Don't stop believing....

Little Joe and Sherriff Bob vs The Mean Peas

  • (Pa Grape and Benjamin ground the firecracker)
  • (Sheffi Bob throw firecracker)
  • (Sheffi Bob firecracker and burn the Chuck e cheese
  • The Mean Peas: What? “A Suppet Family Reunion?” WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!
  • (All the mean peas screaming and not exploding, but Chuck E. Cheese's exploding)
  • (Silence)
  • All except Sherriff Bob and Miss Kitty: (Cheering)
  • Little Joe: Yay! We did it! Yay!
  • Sherriff Bob: Well, technically we married except Little Joe. We are Sherriffs married for the two of us.
  • All: (Cheering)
  • (Everyone cheering as they celebrate Bob and Miss Kitty, as they fade to black)


  • Sheriff Bob: What do you say, team? Can we fix Chuck E. Cheese's the restaurant?
  • Machines and Wendy except Lofty: Yes, we can!
  • Lofty: Um, yeah, I think so.
  • (Everyone includes: The Scallions Debut, Charlie Pincher, Mayor Mr. Nezzer, Interpreter (Penelope), The Baker and The Blacksmith (Jimmy and Jerry Gourd) Mr. Lunt cheered as The Mean Peas apologists to Little Joe for being mean to others, he forgives them and letting themselves go free, So Little Joe became a sheriff of Dodgeball City and The Western Peas become deputies.)
  • The Mean Pea: Goodbye.
  • Bob: (narrating) That was the end of our story of Little Joe became the fastest Sheriff of Dodgeball City and led to the happiest family reunion the west had ever seen.
  • Little Joe: My finest hour.
  • Benjamin: well done little joe.
  • Scooter: you have earn this.
  • (Pa Grape shows "An Easter Carol" VHS and DVD and gives it to Little Joe)
  • (The Corn Guy With A Cowboy Hat And A Shirt Bob And Miss Kitty Day)
  • (Bob and Miss Kitty kiss as they married)
  • (Back to courntop)
  • Larry : let see QWERTY talking about.
  • Bob Okay.
  • larry : hey QWERTY.
  • (Bob and Larry wacth the "A Very RIDICULOUS SING-ALONG 2 The End of spooky")
  • Both: laughing I like the show.
  • (Ends)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: A Short Carol!

TheComputerNerd20100 Presents... Crazytrain33 and whatarecoded Buddy

  • (The camera show the Mr Nezzer the saw Grama die and she looks sad)

A Short Carol!

  • (Title Fades into the sky, the camera pans down to London, England, one day before Easter)

Our story starts as Mr. Ebenezer Nezzer is the only one not interested in the festivities of Easter. However The little orphan girl (played by Laura Carrot) is selling lilies as a fundraiser to save the orphanage, giving a lily to the Constable (played by Jerry Gourd).

A Short Carol! Part 1

  • Laura: Thank You, Constable, We sure feel safe with you around.
  • Cockney Women: Good Morning, Constable.
  • Mr Nezzer: Hey your little girl wacth it.
  • laura:Huh?
  • (The little orphan girl is Watching "Captain Willow And The Nezzer Chocolate Factory!" on Her Tablet)
  • Laura: *Gasp*
  • Mr Nezzer*Laughing*
  • (Laura toss the flowers Mr Nezzer)
  • Mr Nezzer : ow hey is because funny what.

At St. Bart's Church, Reverend Gilbert (played by Dad Asparagus), his wife Mrs. Gilbert (played by Mom Asparagus), and Edmund Gilbert (played by Junior Asparagus) are preparing to unveil a brand new stained glass window on the church on Easter Sunday, with help from their friend Moyer (played by Scooter Carrot). While Edmund and his father are getting everything ready, Ebenezer passes by the church, with Edmund wondering why Mr. Nezzer destory the chunch hasn't been coming to church lately. Reverend Gilbert explains that Ebenezer Nezzer used to not going the church's Easter service with his Grandmother but didn’t stopped coming to church after his Grandmother couldn’t died. In the process of this explanation, it is revealed that Edmund has been inflicted with a serious disease.

  • Milward: Whew, I'm in El Vegetan Theatre, and I have to see Miss Achmetha.
  • (Milward rushes off)
  • (Cavis call milward join the chocolate factory)
  • Cavis and milward : good morning
  • Mr Nezzer : we you.
  • Mr Lunt : hey boss we go good news.
  • Mr Nezzer : we got what come oh.
  • Cavis : uh hey Mr Nezzer can't we talked about.
  • Mr Nezzer : GET OUT HERE.
  • (The door closed)
  • (Later SpongeBob them song)
  • Mr Nezzer: huh w hat was that.
  • Art Bigotti: Interjections, adverbs...
  • All: Cha cha cha, ha cha cha (singing continues)
  • Ebenezer Nezzer (Mr. Nezzer): AH! It's a Bear!
  • (Mr. Nezzer jumps and hide into the chair.)
  • Mr. Lunt: That's enough, Boss!
  • cavis;Not you see this the Easter.
  • Mildward: bye Mr Lunt.
  • Mr Lunt.Bye boy.
  • (Milward pass by Bear in the Big Blue House Live.)
  • cavis: What uh with you.
  • Mr Lunt: I think need here.
  • SpongeBob (Resembles himeself as pineapple : How you doings folks.
  • Cavis : (VoiceOver) what the world are you doing.
  • Spongebob (Resembles himeself as pineapple) :oh fishplate.


  • Cavis : Yay! I'm here!
  • (Lost Puppies Starts)
  • Miss Achmetha: Puppies are cuddly, puppies are cute!, Their never nasty or mean I'd give a home to all the lost puppies, If ever one day I were quueeennn!!!........Arf
  • Scooter: Yaaaaa! I like it.
  • (Audience and Mr Lunt Applauding)
  • Milward: Hooray! Whoooooo!!!!!!
  • Mr Nezzer: Next..
  • Miss Achmetha: mmh
  • (Miss Achmetha leaving away)
  • Pa Grape: Oh okay that no.


  • (Milward and cavis spy saw the first Factory)
  • Milward: Whoa. This is so cool
  • Cavis : come oh we be quite not destroyed the church remember theaters oh fireworks.
  • Miss Achmetha: Yup, looks like it's yummy.

Meanwhile, at the “Nezzer Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Eggs Factory”, we are treated to a multitude of mechanical chickens working without will-rested to lay not-plastic easter eggs for Easter sales.

  • (Mr. Ebenezer Nezzer eats the chocolate bunnies and having a tummy ache)
  • Ebenezer Nezzer (Mr. Nezzer): I didn’t eat my salad.
  • Pa grape : That was easy:
  • (Milward and cavis Achmetha sitting on top of the building)
  • (cavis hop oh milward)
  • Milward: I just have one question I need to ask you. Will you, Mary... marry me?
  • Achmetha : I can't fart
  • Archibald : Just a moment wait don.t
  • Archibald: Oh dear..
  • Cavis : Don't no it.
  • (Miss Achmetha kiss Archibald )
  • Archibald AAAw thanks.

The Yodelling Veterinarian of the Alps (Love Songs with Bob Version)

  • Narrator: And now it's time for Random Songs with Larry, the part of the show.....
  • Archibald: NO GOOD
  • (Archibald replaces "Random Songs with Larry" and repairs "Silly Songs with Larru")
  • Archibald: There You Go.
  • Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a Silly song.
  • (Shows 10 Broccoli, 5 Cucumber, 8 Tomato, 9 asparagus, 6 scallions and 1 celery are dressed as the Barbershop Quartet Singers)
  • Quartet Singers: Hm, hm, hm, hm. There lived a man so long ago his memory's but faint. Was not
  • Larry: (voiceover) Not a hot cocoa, he lives in a hot Chocolate Factory, Sorry about that.
  • Quartet Singers: But people came from far and near with their aafflected Pepsi in the curious ways of the Yodelling Veterinarian of the Alps. Whoooooooooooaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Bob take cares of an unknown Pepsi soda with the help from The Three Asparagus Brothers as The German yoldlers)
  • (The Yodelling Veterinarian of the Alps Instrumental)
  • The Three Asparagus Brothers: (Yodeling)
  • (Bob drinks soda very faster and faster and faster, until an unknown Pepsi soda feels better)
  • Asparagus Brother #1: Here you go.
  • (Un asparagus brother with a red nose is thanking Dr. Bob and lefted)
  • Quartet Singers: Mm, mm, mmmmmm... No skeptic could explain just how, nor could one oft rebut, the wondrous deeds that went on in that little alpine hut. Some would stand in silence while some just scratched their scalps. For the curious ways of the yodeling veterinarian of the alps. Woooahh-ooh...
  • Asparagus Brother #1: Good news on the penguin, doctor, He's up and kicking.
  • (The Yodelling Veterinarian of the Alps Instrumental)
  • The Three Asparagus Brothers: (Yodeling)
  • Asparagus Brother #1: Here's your patient.
  • Asparagus Brother #2: Have a nice day.
  • (Two asparagus brothers with orange and yellow noses are thanking Dr. Bob and lefted)
  • Quartet Singers: Mm, mm, mmmmmm... The practice grew, their profits flew until one fateful day, when the nurse who did assist the doc was for a raise in pay. When the doctor pondered this a while, sat back and scratched his scalp. And he said:
  • Larry: (voiceover) No way, Hose!
  • Quartet Singers: To the nurse of the yodeling veterinarian of the alps. Whoooooooooooaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  • Asparagus Brother #1: Good news on the kitty doctor.
  • Asparagus Brother #2: She's feelin' great. Six kittens.
  • Asparagus Brother #3: Named one after it.
  • (The Yodelling Veterinarian of the Alps Instrumental)
  • The Three Asparagus Brothers: (Yodeling)
  • (They cured all of the soda glass bottles includes: Sierra Mist and Mtn. Dew and returned to All of the Asparagus owners with colorful noses.)
  • Nurse (Pa Grape): Oh yeah. That'll work. He's good.
  • Quartet Singers: Mm, mm, mm, mmm... Ane the moral of our story, it's the point they've hope they've made: When they've go a little loopy better keep his nurse well paid!
  • (Instrmental)
  • Narrator: This has been Love Songs with Bob, tune in next time to hear the Barbershop Quartet Singers sing.
  • Quartet Singers: Ohhhhhh! Some would stand in silence, while some just scratched their scalps, for the curious ways of the Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps!

A Short Carol! Part 2


  • (Miss Achmetha sees "VeggieTales: 12 Stories in One! Live on Stage" with the audience)
  • Hope: There's a story that started on Christmas, Where a baby was born in the night.


  • Dave: You're big, I'm little, My head only comes to your middle, But I say little guys can do big things too.


  • Narrators: Duke, Duke, his name is Duke.


  • (Dr jigger) Jimmy: I to dance and move I love to dance,


  • Milward: I wonder about hope you gonna have fun, because stop
  • Cavis : we need you help.
  • Mr Nezzer: good morning boy and Happy Easter.
  • Cavis : hey is work.
  • Milward: well.
  • Cavis: please you stay here.
  • Cavis : I got it.
  • (Cavis walk oh balloons)
  • Milward : Oh dear?
  • (Everyone church goings playing with pea gaurd desory the church Mr Nezzer don't chush the Jessie
  • Save and back and egg Easter was so good proud hope I great everyone cavis take care of Easter Plane)
  • (Milward Miss Achmetha, dad, Archibald, Mom and Junior saw the Factory explodes as everyone starts following after the airborne cart. Ebenezer Nezzer save the Cavis flies an egg-shaped cart into the air and lands from trouble bomb to rooftop, then they’ve landed on a longest rooftop.)
  • Ebnezer : okay five four three two one Now.
  • ( Cavis press the buttion)
  • ( Cavis And Mr Nezzer airborne fly oh the window)
  • BOOM
  • ( The Easter egg factory was blew up )
  • Cavis AAAAAGGGGHH!!!,
  • Both: Whooooooa!
  • (Flying the town sledding and stop)
  • Ebenezer Nezzer (Mr. Nezzer): we made it.
  • Cavis: (Laughs) achoo, (The cart sled down the rooftop) oops.
  • Ebenezer Nezzer (Mr. Nezzer): (Gasp) Long live the Easter bunny kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggg!!!!!! (they‘ve sledding down the rooftop.)
  • Cockney baker: Good morning Jeffery lovely day. (a bakery carrot men says good morning to Jeffery (Jimmy Gourd) as he opening up a shied lands it on from shade to shade, The cart still continues bouncing all over town, until it finally reaches the ground and comes to a stop)
  • Cavis: Oh, no! It's a bomb!
  • Both: (Screaming and climbs out of the cart, and scared the ground in relief)
  • Milward: Hey, Cavis, Uncle Nezzer, everything's under control, I...
  • (As Milward and Miss Achmetha are rushing to them and saw the Easter Eggs falling into the sky, everyone in London smiles and cheers, and suddenly, the angry mother porcupine's babies got Cavis in the back)
  • Cavis: Aah-heh!
  • Milward: Oh, it's raining Easter Eggs.
  • Winston (Jean Claude Pea): Ya ho, all right.
  • (Easter Eggs landed into Cavis‘ own easter egg basket)
  • Cavis: Whoo, raining eggs
  • Junior : Ah, what a lovely day.


  • Milward: It's an Easter miracle.
  • (The Scallions open the door, but it closes again and knocks over Scallion 3.)
  • Scallion 1: Ah-ha! Oh. Ah-ha!
  • (The Scallions approach Cavis. Scene switches to Miss Achmetha, Grandma Nezzer, Millward Phelps, Ebenezer Nezzer, Clones Unnamed England Woman, The Banker, Annie, Percy Pea, Constable Jerry Gourd, Moyer Scooter Carrot and Seymour Schwenk Pa Grape, Plumber Jimmy Gourd, Scallion Jerky Vendor #1, Scallion Jerky Vendor #2, Scallion Jerky Vendor #3, Charlie Pincher, The People of London and Scallions carry Cavis to the Lion's Den)
  • Scallion #1: Cavis, because you violated section 4219-2r9-4000-6.1-7...b, of the code of Babylon, forbidding prayer to anyone but King Darius, you are hereby sentenced to be consumed by the lions. Goodbye.
  • (The Scallions throw Cavis into the Lions' Den and he lands face first.)
  • (They put the rock on the top of the lions' den. Cavis sings the song called the bear)
  • Cavis: This is the song, for your bear trap teddy...
  • Bear: ROARRRRR!
  • Seymour: Oh, yeah. That'll work. He's good.
  • Cavis: Yodel-leh... Yodel-lehoo! No wait! This should work! Yodel-leh! Yodel-oo! Yodel-leh! Ooo! Yodeloo!!!
  • (Everyone including: Petunia Rhubarb, Miss Achmetha, Grandma Nezzer, Clones Unnamed England Woman, The Banker, Annie, Percy Pea, Constable Jerry Gourd, Moyer Scooter Carrot and Seymour Schwenk Pa Grape, Plumber Jimmy Gourd, Scallion Jerky Vendor #1, Scallion Jerky Vendor #2, Scallion Jerky Vendor #3, Charlie Pincher, The People of London Laughing)
  • The Muppet Newsman: This just in! The Easter Eggs have rained through the sky.
  • (All the citizens having Easter Eggs and see what's inside)
  • Arthur Hollingsworth : Ok, Miss Achmetha, will you married me, please?
  • Miss Achmetha: Yes. I will married you.
  • Milward: So you guys are wisemen. Well, that's pretty cool have you always been wise, or did you have to go to school for that? Were you serious about that cheese ball thing? Hey I can see my house from here.


  • Sid the Science Kid: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have present the Good Luck Easter Package. Something old, something new, something bottom, something green and something chocolate. My good old pal, Cavis, Milward and his friends! YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!
  • (Audience Cheering for Cavis, Milward, Petunia, Archibald, Miss Achmetha, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, and they kissed them)
  • (The little orphan girl apologizes to Edmund Gilbert)
  • Arthur Hollingshead (Archibald Asparagus) It's Amazing So How's It Big Pardon Were You Asking About Yes Indeed Canterbury One of the Finest Existing Examples Astonishing Golden Silver Decorated Confessor William the Conqueror and James Why Do You Ask Good Heavens Are You Certain Astonishing Oh dear. A fellow in need and he's Flibbian, too. Young man, I have noticed your dire situation and please rest assured that I share your frustration. But, how can I put this, oh what can I say? Maybe you'll understand it better this way Why that's not my pickle - I found him like that! Besides, it so happens, I'm noteworthy too. Why I am the Mayor of Flibber-O-Loo.
  • Reverend Gilbert (Dad Asparagus): Your mother will be proud.
  • Junior : that dad.
  • (Ebenezer Nezzer shows “A Snoodle's Tale” VHS and DVD and gives it to Edmund Gilbert as a wedding gift)
  • Milward: Ohh, Thank you.
  • Gilbert Junior : happy Easter.
  • Cavis : so that the ending.
  • Ebenezer Nezzer: I love a happy ending.


  • (Countertop)
  • Cavis: It's Time the Talk About What We Have Learned Today
  • Asparagus Singers: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today And God has a lot to say in His book.
  • Milward: Good Singing, ladies.
  • Asparagus Singers: You see, we know that God's word is for everyone And now that our song is done, we'll take a look.
  • Cavis: That's right! Let's see QWERTY has a verse for us
  • (QWERTY did the verse of Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear for I am with you)
  • Cavis: "Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear for I am with you". Hmm, so the next time you get egg just remember that verse, and tonight, before you go to sleep, why don't you Eat Chocolate Bunny with your parents? And thank God for always looking out for you. remember, God made you special, and He loves you very much.
  • Both: Happy Easter!
  • (End)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: A NoodLe's TaLe!

  • (Opening Title Shows By The Henry Stickmen Logo Transition)

A Snoodle's Tale!

  • (Logo Gets Crushed By The Opening Shot as The Title Dissapears With The Same Transition as Stickpage Uses When Disappears.)
  • (Secne Courntop with Bob and Larry)
  • Bob : oh hi kid welcome to veggieTales.
  • Bob: Larry going Indian camp this summer he Going back.
  • (Car drive and Courntop stop)
  • Larry (voiceover): thanks you.
  • (Larry got suite case)
  • Bob: happy birthday Larry.
  • Larry: hhhm this son fun
  • Bob. It does it look.
  • (Larry look and the sign patry)
  • Larry: welcome home larry
  • Larry: I Dr jigger and Mr hyde Short.

A NoodLe's TaLe! Part 1

Previously in a dark alley of London...

From the creators of "My Little Pony Equestria Girls"

And "My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

  • Narrator: (rhyming) If one dare listens then one dare hears; A tale to rouse your secret fears! Tarry not! For the end draws nigh on "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde"
  • (A mysterious gourd wearing a white leisure suit, a pink afro, and a pair of Elton John-esque glasses hops out from behind a gate behind a house while carrying a radio, before setting the radio on the ground. After turning on the radio, disco-style music starts playing as this strange gourd starts dancing, which attracts a large crowd of people.)
  • (Disco Elton John silp on banana)
  • Elton John rip shirt
  • Crowd: gaps
  • Jimmy: oops.
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • Larry and scooter watch the TV fun house on Religetables
  • Mr Hyde (Larry): wow moose's lake.
  • Dr jigger (Scooter): oh is looks like people.
  • (Alto Roy by "Moments" starts)

Sport Utility Vehicles (Stickpage Version)

  • Henry: I Like You'r Car.
  • Ellie: I Like You'rs Too.
  • Henry: Is It a Jeep?
  • Ellie: A Submuroo!
  • Henry: I Like You'r Tires.
  • Ellie: You Got Nice Through.
  • Henry: A Trailer Hitch?
  • Ellie: Left Mine at Home!
  • Henry: If There Ever Was a Dicth, You Know?
  • Ellie: A Really DEEP DICTH!
  • Ellie: THEN WE`D BE THE HEROS!!!
  • Henry: THEN WE`D BE THE HEROS!!!
  • Henry: I Like You'r Car.
  • Ellie: I Like You'rs Too.
  • Henry: Is It a Jeep?
  • Both: It's My Sport Utility...Vehicles!
  • (Ends)

A NoodLe's TaLe Part 2

  • Bob: And Now, A Snoodle's Tale. Far, far away, in the land of galoots, where the biggle-bag trees bear their biggle-bag fruits, and far-lily flowers all blossom in yellow and thimbuttle plants squirt snooberry Jell-O. Here where the mountains of rocky Magoo rise high or the meadows of Gilda-manju, where sunsets are painted with purple and blue, you'll find a small town. Not much bigger than you. Welcome to Snoodleburg, home of the Snoodles. A curious fork with don't eat burgers and fries, and spend half their days making skecthes and doodles, and cutting their into shapes like French poodle.
  • Tommy Snoodle Pickles: Where do I look like? What are my gift is for?
  • Bob: He pulled off two little wings.
  • Tommy Snoodle Pickles: oops.
  • Bob : well pat on is flew wing and green.
  • Archibald : just a moment wait don't even think about.


  • Daniel (Larry the Cucumber): My name is Daniel.
  • Bob: Not now, Larry.
  • Daniel (Larry the Cucumber): Thanks.


  • Bob: (Narrating) The sun always shone on the Mountains of Fibble, the wind and the rains never came.
  • (The wind and rain cloud came in.)
  • Bob (narrating): OH COME ON. Now, the town to the West, that thought it was best, bore the name Flibber-o-loo.
  • (Daniel, King Darius and Gilligan Asparagus are in Flibber-O-Loo.)
  • Bob (narrating): Where the women and men, since 1710, have worn on their heads.
  • (Bob is laughing at his own story.)
  • Bob (narrating): Now, in town number two, one big shoe wouldn't do.
  • (In Jibber-de-Lot, Three asparagus bothers (replaced Laura, Lenny and their dad.) are wearing Over-Sized Cells with Bob's suprised.)
  • Bob (narrating): So, the people of Jibber-de-lot would look down and bellow at shoe-headed fellows and place on their own heads, WHAT. For days without end, these two neighbors would bicker as to whose headgear was best.
  • (Gilligan Asparagus is about to launched into Jibber-de-Lot.)
  • Bob (narrating): And the shoes and the pots would fly ever thicker, from morning to night, without rest.
  • (Gilligan Asparagus launched into The carrot model with a toilet on his head and fall.)
  • Bob (narrating): But not all of the people who lived in the cities were angry and bitter and vile.
  • (A flibbian asparagus starts to pee into Jibber-de-Lot.)
  • Bob (narrating): A few would write poems and sing happy ditties and greet all their friends with a smi........Well That's Just Terrible.
  • Tim The Enchanter: Get on with it!
  • Bob: Eh hemm.
  • (Junior screaming 6x)
  • (Junior's nightmare wonderland music starts)
  • (Clip from "Return Of Jedi" and "Pagemaster!") 
  • Dad: Junior, what’s going on.
  • Junior: I was just daydreaming.
  • Dad: Well, you’re right; we don’t have to worry about things because God is taking care of us.
  • Junior: Ok. I guess you’re right.
  • Dad: It sounds like you’ve been doing some good thinking, well, it’s time for sleepin.
  • Junior: Okay.
  • Dad: I love you little mister.
  • Junior: I love you big mister.
  • Dad: I’ll see you in the morning
  • Junior: Alright (Snoring)
  • God is Bigger (instrumental) from Where's God When I'm S-Scared? starts at the end)
  • (End)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: Umo and The Opera!

  • (Music of Four's 3D Hand)

Umo and the Opera!

  • (Title Fades)
  • Bob: Today's letter is Winnie the Pooh.
  • Winnie the Pooh: (offscreen) Dear Bob, the Great Zoo Pals Pumpkin Plates has been not cancelled!
  • (Audience Laughing)
  • Bob: Well, that's just terrible!
  • Larry: (offscence) whoa that's understand bumble.
  • Bob: wrong story Larry.
  • Larry:( offscence) oh sorry that was supposed.
  • Bob: Aw man!
  • Larry:(Offscence): sure if you got this.


Going To Up?!

  • (Curly (played by Larry the Cucumber) pushes the piano and plummeted into the fountain.)
  • Larry: Aw, man!
  • (Audience Laughing)
  • Jerry : huh what that,
  • (Piano fall over)
  • Jerry: (screaming)
  • (Larry crash the piano on Jerry)
  • Curly (Larry) : oops.
  • (Cut by the scene)
  • Larry: ya we did it.
  • (Plano fall over the stairs)
  • (Larry and Mr lunt Jerry crase the piano)
  • (Crash the piano)
  • Pa Grape : huh?


  • (Curly (Larry) finally pushes the piano)
  • Curly (Larry): Yay! It worked!
  • (The piano and Larry is plummeted into the fountain)
  • Curly (Larry): (Screaming)
  • Splash*
  • Snowballs And woody : Classic.
  • (Larry pull the piano stairs)
  • Curly (Larry): yes I did.


The Story of St. Patrick

  • Khalil(Voiceover): His name was.
  • Baby: (Giggling)
  • Khalil(Voiceover): Gasp!


  • Apollo: I am here to crush you!
  • Larry: Well, technically me place second, I, Larry and I discover a Mexican bird.
  • Abelardo Montoya: (Speaking Spanish) Hola, Larry! ¡Hablo español en un programa educativo! ¡Jaja! (Translation: Hi, Larry! I speak Spanish on educational show! Ha-ha!)
  • Larry: Wow.


Schoolhouse Polka (Religetables Style)

  • Narrator: And now it's time for Schoolhouse Polka with the Cucumber. The part of the show where the cucumber comes out and sings a schoolhouse polka.
  • (Cucumber screaming and slipping like a banana peel)
  • Crash*
  • Narrator: Nah.
  • Pencil: OMG, that cucumber is so funny.
  • Match: Yeah, me too.
  • Zidgel Midgel Fidgel Kevin: laughing.
  • Rusty :l(laughing)
  • Patrick : that so funny.
  • (Match changes the channel and watch "Muppets from Space", and all dancing to Kool and the Gang's Celebration)


Umo and the Opera!


After The citizens then approach the Italian Scallion (also played by Larry the Cucumber), praising him for lasting longer than anyone in the ring, as Scallion is proud of himself for finishing what he started.

  • (Shows Madeline and her friends (replaced a group comprised of seven carrots and one gourd) dressed as Japanese Quartet)
  • Japanese Quartet: If you want to know who we are? We are wrestlers of Japan! On many a mat and ring! For many a sumo fan!
  • Announcer: ladies and gentle-veggies, put your hands together for the Italian scallion, an UMO-SUMO wrestler of the year, LARRY THE CUCUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Crowd Booing, when The Italian Scallion arrives at the wrestling championship and gave him a wink)
  • Japanese Quartet: Behold The Sumo Champion Wrestler; A massive bold and holder of the title. Many have tried, but none have beaten him; A fact that is particularly vital." Defer! Defer! To the sumo champion wrestler! Defer! Defer! To the champion, to the champion, To the champion sumo wrestler!
  • Sid the Science Kid: OMG, Yay!
  • Announcer (voiceover): And the world's westling champion, Apollo Gourd
  • Jean pea : Behold! My Monstress creation.
  • Apollo Gourd: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • Announcer: IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!
  • Mad Scientist: alive, alive! Hahahahaha!
  • Igor: Oh my goodness. Look how big it is! It's standing up!
  • Larry the Cucumber : I'm dead.


  • Larry : Tag, you're it.
  • Bob: What? (He sees Apollo Gourd) AHHHHH!!! (He's running in fear)
  • (VeggieTales Theme Song Battle Version Plays)
  • (larry : putts up a catapult with the red button)
  • (larry : Watch this!
  • (The Italian Scallion press the red button, catapulted, Apollo Gourd then evil Michael Rosen appears)
  • BOB (Screaming): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (Bob is fear of evil Michael Rosen)
  • Apollo Gourd (Screaming): AHHHH!!!!
  • (Michael Rosen eats Apollo Gourd and his body parts falls a part.)
  • Wrestling referee (Resembles as a Pea): One! Two! Three! Four! The winners! The Italian Scallion and...
  • The Italian Scallion: What's your name?
  • Bob: Um, I'm Bob the Tomato.
  • Wrestling referee (Resembles as a Pea): And Bob the Tomato!
  • (Crowd Cheering as they celebrate Bob and Larry's victory)
  • (The Corn Guy With A Wrestler Suit Setts Up A "BOB AND LARRY WINS" Banner)


  • (Everyone in Japan includes: Bobby (Bob the Tomato), Mikey (Pa Grape), Hadrian (Junior Asparagus), The French Peas, Scooter Carrot, Larry the Cucumber Cameraman (Jerry Gourd), Moe (Mr. Lunt) Khalil, and Mr. Nezzer cheering)
  • (Crowd Cheering)
  • All: Yeah! Three cheers for Bob and the Italian Scallion! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! (Cheering)
  • Eight The Shortest Carrot, Potato Guards, Professor Hat (Archibald Asparagus), Madame Blueberry, Jim Gourdly (Jimmy Gourd), Dad Asparagus, The Italian Scallion Baron
  • The Hoobs: Hoob Hoob Hooray!
  • Hadrian (Junior Asparagus): Wow.
  • (Hadrian show "Duke and the Great Pie War" and give it to Larry the Cucumber )
  • Larry the Cucumber : Ohhh, Thanks.
  • Dad: Junior, What are you Doing?
  • Junior: I was just China
  • Dad: I Love you little mister
  • Junior: I Love you Big mister
  • Dad: I'll see a later
  • Junior: alright
  • Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Dooby-Doo! (Laughing)

The End!

  • (Ends)

VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One: Duke and The Great Sphere War!

Duke and The Great Sphere War!

Duke and The Great Sphere War! Part 1

  • (Title Fades)
  • (Shows A TV With A Short Called "The religetables Crusades")
  • Narrator: The Crusades!
  • Bob: Deus Volt! God Wills It! God Wills It!
  • Vegetable soldiers (voiceover): This War Is Holy! SO WE'LL TURN THE NON-BELIEVERS INTO MUSH!!!
  • (Bob Smushes the cucumber and the Tomato)
  • Religetables characters: (Screams)
  • (TV Turns off)
  • Junior: I Don't Get That?
  • Laura: I didn't know?
  • Bob: Uhh.....Me Neither!
  • (Changes Channel)

Opera Songs With Archibald

  • Narrator: And now it's time for Opera Songs With Archibald, the part of the show where Archibald comes out and sings a Opera song.
  • Archibald: Vortre toast, je peux vous le render Senors, senors, car avec les soldats Oui, les toreros peuvent s'entendre Pour plaisirs, pour plaisirs ils ont les combats! Le cirque est plein, c'est jour de fête Le cirque est plein du haut en bas, Les spectateurs, perdant la tete, Les spectateurs s'interpellent a grand fracas! Apostrophes, cris et tapage Pousses jusques a la fureur! Car c'est la fete du courage, C'est la fete des gens de coeuer! Allons! en garde! Allons! Allons! ah! Toreador, en garde, Toreador, Toreador! Et songe bien, oui, songe en combatant Qu'un oeil noir te regarde, Et que l'amour t'attend, Toreador, L'amour t'attend!
  • Chorus Vegetables: Toreador, en garde, Toreador, Toreador!nEt songe bien, oui, songe en combatant Qu'un oeil noir te regarde, Et que l'amour t'attend, Toreador, L'amour t'attend!
  • Archibald:Tout d'un coup, on fait silence... Ah! que se passe-t-il? Plus de cris, c'est l'instant! Plus de cris, c'est l'instant! le taureau s'elance
  • Chorus Vegetables: Toreador, en garde, Toreador, Toreador!
  • Archibald: Yes, It's wonderful, thank you!
  • (Audience clapping)
  • (Archibald takes a bow)
  • Archibald: I’m done.
  • Narrator: This Has Been Opera Songs With Archibald, Tune in Next time to Hear Archibald Said
  • Archibald (voiceover): send out your opera.

Duke and the Great Sphere War Part 2

  • (Shows The Part of "Duke and The Great Sphere War")
  • Narrator: Duke! Duke! His Name Is Duke!
  • (As That Narrators are Singing They Show ShapeTales, VeggieTales In The House, Regetables, and Normal VeggieTales Battle For War!)
  • (The Narrators Stopped Singing as The War of Veggies and Shapes and 2017 Veggies Ended)
  • Mr. Nezzer Novak, Pa Grape Irwin, Scallion #1 Abbot of Costello, Jimmy Gourd as Lifeguard, The Three Dog Knights, The French Peas, Miss Achmetha as The Pharaoh's Daughter
  • It all Started On One Fine Day...
  • Duke (Larry) Was Attacking The Knight (Mr. Lunt Otis) And Yetly Duke Was Attacked!

10 Days Later Things Came To The Worst, The War With The Religetables Has Began Again and Duke Did'nt Know What To Do For an Army Full of Knights!

  • But Then, Duke Had a Better Idea, So He Gathered 12 More Army Knights and They Started The War!
  • (VeggieTales Theme Song Battle Music Starts)
  • Duke (Larry): CHAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Shows Duke and The Army Knights Attacking Religetables To The Parrel for The Attack)
  • Religetables: AHHH!!!!
  • (Religetables characters are Scared and They ran away)
  • (Duke and His Solder Knights Gleefully Celebrate Their Victory)
  • ((Lucas) Bob : Finally After 70 years ago,they were in thier new home.
  • (The Corn Guy Wear King Put Oh The Sign We Duke Wins)
  • (Duke Sings For Victory)
  • Duke Larry the Cucumber, Lucas Bob the Tomato, Bacon Bill, Miriam Laura Carrot, Archibald Asparagus, Nona Madame Blueberry, Petunia Rhubarb, The Italian Scallion Onion and Junior Asparagus:
    • If You See Someone Hurt or In Need, Maybe It's Time To Perform a good Deed, if You're Finished You'll Find That Is True and If You Make Them Feel Better, You'll Feel Better TOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • All: I'm in a constant freefall, When I'm following You Can't see the next step's footing, But I know that You do, And life is all just a bunch of work Nothing more than a climbing fall, Till I surrender, surrender, surrender All these things to You All my life to You, to You.


  • Larry: Do You Understand Any of That?
  • Junior: Not a Word.

Big Things Too (CrazyTrainJack22)

  • Wallace: Oh dear.
  • (Big Things Too Instrumental Music)
  • Larry: (voiceover): Not good enough?
  • (End)
  • (Credits starts as of the music)

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