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(February 22, 2019)

Dave and the Giant Pickle (RARE 1996 prototype VHS version)

Dave and the Giant Pickle (RARE 1996 prototype VHS version)

The VHS Cover

The prototype 1995 VHS of Dave and the Giant Pickle was made available for mail-order purchase on December 20, 1995. Like Are You My Neighbor?, this version of the episode is identical to the final version but with minor differences from the final print, which would be released a month later in March 19, 1996 by Word Entertainment and Everland Entertainment on VHS. Due to Big Idea revamping the designs of their VHS covers starting in 1996, this is the first episode to have a different VHS cover spine style (in contrast to those first four episodes), which would later be used for the VHS cover for A Very Silly Sing-Along!.


  • The text at the bottom of the front cover is missing
  • Clips from Are You My Neighbor? added to theme song
  • LoveMyLipsAltTitleCard

    Alternate title card for Love My Lips

    An alternate Silly Song title card for Love My Lips is used, just like with Dance of the Cucumber.
  • Bob starts reading the verse immediately when Qwerty pulls it up. (In the final version, there is a split-second pause after Qwerty pulls up the verse, then Bob starts reading the verse ahead of time.)
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